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HOME Abhinandan TS Business Seminar Training Contact
Builders & Developers in Real Estate Industry
can Market and Sell Flats/Villas directly to NRIs
in USA / Canada / UAE through powerful Seminars / Presentations about your Projects
which will be organized & conducted
Abhinandan TS
" India`s First Real Estate Business Presenter who has sold 400+ Flats through Direct Presentations"
and also India`s First Trainer on " Art of Real Estate Selling Training Program".
Considered has " A very Powerful Speaker & an Excellent Motivator" by all his participants.
Read the FULL CONTENT for your BENEFIT to SELL your FLATS/VILLAS faster.
Don`t  NOT JUDGE the DESIGN or LAYOUT of this WEBSITE which is immaterial for Selling your FLATS.

Abhinandan TS has developed this WEBSITE without any TRAINING in WEBSITE DESIGN because he ENJOYs LEARNING a NEW SKILL & implementing it immediately. He also wants to be in CONTROL of it for any further CHANGES. The WRITTEN Content in IMPORTANT for you to UNDERSTAND how to SELL your FLATS / VILLAS  FASTER  ( not Market & Waste MONEY ) by DIRECTLY conducting PRESENTATIONS to NRIs / PIOs abroad which is COST-EFFECTIVE than Expensive Newspaper & Magazine Advertisement ; unresponsive Hoarding Displays ; Cluttered Online Promotions & indecisive participants in Property Show and Exhibitions . Read the COMPLETE WEBSITE & FIND the COST-EFFECTIVE and FASTER APPROACH to SELL your FLATS and VILLAS Directly to NRIs / PIOs. READ the complete info in the LINKs – “Abhinandan TS” , “Business” & “Seminar”.
FILL the CONTACT DETAILS to get the reasonable FEE which Abhinandan TS charges to SELL your FLATS/VILLAS to NRIs/PIOs through PRESENTATIONS which are CONVINCING with POWERFUL CLOSING which results in on the SPOT BOOKING. To know his EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE read everything and watch the VIDEOS & FILL the CONTACT FORM .

To get the NOMINAL FEES details which Abhinandan TS charges to SELL your FLATS / VILLAS to NRIs / PIOs through Direct PRESENTATIONS , please FILL the CONTACT Forms and it will take you to the FEE Details.
HOME Abhinandan TS Business Seminar Training Contact